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Dr. A.B. Chaubey





Sr. Assistant Professor in Psychology




Present Pay Scale


15600 – 39100 Rs.




Address for Correspondence


53/12, Labour Colony, Firozabad



Firozabad (U.P.)



Email: drabchaubey@rediffmail.com



Ph.No. +915612 – 231321 Mob.no +919412426341




Date of Birth


15th  May, 1966




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Area of Interest


Environmental and Indian Psychology




Date of Joining the Institution


7th July 2001

Teaching and Research Experience


More than 12 years in  U.G.& P.G. Level




Membership of Academic Societies


(1)   Psycho-Linguistic Association of India, Agra (life)
(2)   Psycho-Cultural Research Association, Meerut (Life).
(3)   Council of Behavioural Scientists, Agra
(4)   Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Shodh Pratishthan, Beckaner.




Short Term Course Attended


Orientation Programme:
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, September. 2002.

Refresher Programme:
Banaras Hindu University, March 2005,
Lucknow University Lucknow December 2006

Details of Ph.D. Supervising


Name of Research Scholar

Name of the Topic


Sudha Kumari

Effect of Sex Locale and Education on Adjustment Self Esteem and Depression



Frustration, Anxiety and Adjustment as a function of Caste, Level of Education and Locale


Shalini Pathak

Spirituality and Well being in Present Era – An Indian Point of View




List of Publications / Contribution:


‘kavya Gangeshwari’, Jagriti Prakashan, Mumbai

‘Shabd Kalash’, Ranjan Kalash Prakashan, Bhopal


Published Research Paper in journeal / Conference Proceedings

¼1½ lUr dkO;ksa esa ln~Hkkouk , Deliberative Research (national Journal 2009)

¼2½lkaiznkf;drk] vkradokn vkSj ekuokf/kdkj dk euksfoKku jk"Vªh; 'kks/k if=dk] e0iz0 mPp f'k{kk foHkkx] Hkksiky e0iz0 2009

¼3½ 4 'kks/k i= izdk'kuk/khu 2009&10 esa

Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

International Conferences / seminars:

(1)        Terrorism : Theory, Tactics & Counter measures Ternosism - psychosocial Factors and remedy Hindu College, Moradabad 3-5 Feb. 2006

(2)        Relevance of Buddhism in Huan Welfare, peace 7 Happiness" Stress Management and Buddhs Philosophy" D.D.M. Firozabad 9-10 May. 2009

(3)        Water Environment Energy & Society, Water Pollution and Rivers. S.R.K. Firozabad  28-30 June, 2009

National Conferences / Seminar:

(1)        Scientific Disposal of manual Garbage in Banda Distt. Methodology and Techniques, izkphu Hkkjrh;ksa dk i;kZoj.kh; fpUru , Atarra College, Attarra (Banda) 16 March, 2000

(2)        Women in Management potentials : Problems and Future Prospects ^^cqUnsyh yksd dkO; esa ukjh** B.H.U. Banaras, 6-7 March, 2005

(3)        Environmental Pollution A Challenge to Human Survival, i;kZoj.k iznw"k.k ds izfr lkekftd lapsruk % vrhr ls orZeku rd D.D.M. Firozabad 20 nov. 2005

.(4)       Political Curruption in India, Hkkjr esa jktuSfrd Hkz"Vkpkj ds lekt euksoSKkfud vk/kkj Narian College, Shikohabad 11-12 Dec. 2005

(5)        Threats to quality concern in Higher Education : Strategies for Improvement mPp f'k{kk esa xq.kkRed lq/kkj ds ewyea= % ewY; vk/kkfjr Kku ,oa osnkfUrd euksfoKku D.D.M. Firozabad, 27 Jan. 2007

(6)        Identity and Well-Being : An Interdisciplinary Perspective identity and Welbeing : An Indian point of view Zakir Hussain College, New Delhi. 7-8 March 2007

(7)        Human Rights in India : Issues and Challenges ekuokf/kdkj ,oa i;kZoj.k Govt. College Ramnagar (UK)  20-21 Dec. 2007

(8)        lkEiznkf;drk vkradokn ,oa ekuokf/kdkj pqukSfr;ka ,oa lek/kku lkEiznkf;drk] vkradokn vkSj ekuokf/kdkj dk euksfoKku Deptt. Higher Education of M.P. Bhopal, 28 Feb., 1 Mar., 2009

(9)        blds vfrfjDr 5 vU; lsfeukjksa@odZ'kki esa Hkkxhnkjh@'kks/k i= okpu A


Other Achievements

  • More than 50 articles and poems published in leading magazines and news papers.

  • More than 40 talks broadcasted from All India Radio.

  • Editor ofKarmnishtha’, Bhopal, Monthly National News Magazine.

Co-Curricular Work & Certificates    

Orientation Course on NSS, Literacy House Lucknow, (U.P) Dec. 2000

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