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Dr. G.P. Singh





Associate Professor in Hindi




Present Pay Scale


37400 – 67000 Rs.




Address for Correspondence


Dept. of Hindi, S.R.K (P.G) College,



Firozabad (U.P.) – 283203



Mob.no – +919412592655




Date of Joining the Institution


3rd October 1974


Date of Birth


3rd  July, 1951




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt. (Hindi)


Academic Certificate


University Gold Medalist in Post Graduation


Area of Interest


dFkk lkfgR; ,oa dkO; Nk;kokn




Teaching and Research Experience


More than 35 years in U.G.& P.G. Level




Details of Ph.D. Supervising


Name of Research Scholar

Name of the Topic


Garima Kushwah

e/;dkyhu dkO; esa otZuk : Lo:i vkSj iz;ksx


Jitendra Kumar

dkek;uh vkSj moZ'kh esa ukjh euksfoKku dk rqyukRed v/;;u


Masarrat Ali khan

uthj vdcjkoknh dk dkO; % ,sfrgkfld lk{; ,oa ikSjkf.kd feFkd

No. of Ph.D. Supervised / Thesis Submitted



No. of P.G. Dissertation Submitted



Professional Activities


(1) Member of Board of Studies



(2) Professor In- Charge Library



(3) Expert Member of the Selection Committee of Principles in ‘Madyamik Shikhsa Sewa Chayan Aayog’



(4) Member of College Panel Inspection Committee for New Colleges, Affiliated to Dr. B.R.A. University Agra.



(5) Member of the Unfair Means Committees, Dr. B.R.A. University Agra (U.P.)

(6) Convener of the University Flying Squad

(7) Acting Principal of the College.

Membership of Academic Societies


(1)  lnL; , LFkk;h lfefr fgUnh lkfgR; lEesyu] bykgkckn



(2)  lnL; , Hkkjrh; fgUnh ifj"kn] iz;kx

List of Publications


1 egknsoh oekZ ds dkO;ksa esa lkSUn;Z cks/k , Lok Bharati Prakashan, Allahabad.

2 tSusUnz  dk miU;kl lkfgR;% ijEijk vkSj vk/kqfudrk , Under publication

Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

Research Papers presented in conferences held at Non Hindi Regions, organized by  fgUnh lkfgR; lEesyu in Puri, Orrisa (1993), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh (1997), Kolkata, West Bengal (1998), Ahmadabad, Gujrat (1999), Bangalore Karnataka (2000), Panji, Goa (2001) 

Other Achievements

  • More than 10 talks broadcasted from All India Radio.

  • Invitatory author of leading magazines and news papers.


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