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Dr. M.S. Dixit





Associate Professor of Political Science




Present Pay Scale


37400 67000 Rs.




Address for Correspondence


148, Jain Nagar, Firozabad (U.P.) 283203



Ph.No. +915612232649 Mob. No. +919897144183




Date of Birth


15th June 1952




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


M.A. Pol. Sc., M. A. English, LL.B.,  Ph.D.


Area of Interest






Date of Joining the Institution


2nd November 1999


Teaching and Research Experience


More than 28 Years in  U.G.& P.G. Level




Short Term Course Attended


Refresher Programme:
ASC, Hyderabad University, Hyderabad (A.P.) October. 1990.

ASC, Punjab University, Chandigarh August 1990


Professional Activities


Member of Expert Committee affiliation to New Colleges of Dr. B.R.A University. Agra (U.P.).


Details of Ph.D. Supervising


Name of Research Scholar

Name of the Topic


Km. Bhavna Srivastava

egkfuns'kd iqfyl] mRrj izns'k, ds dk;kZy; dk lajpukRed dk;kZRed v/;;u


Km. Nidhi Gupta

tuin fQjkstkckn esa U;k;ikfydk dk xBu ,oa dk;Zfof/k: ,d fo'ys"k.kkRed v/;;u


Ajeet Singh

tuin fQjkstkckn esa iz/kkuksa dh jktuhfrd ,oa lkekftd Ik`"BHkwwfe


Priyanka Jain

tuin fQjkstkckn dh {ks= iapk;rksa dk alajpukRed dk;kZRed ewY;kadu


Mohd. Aftab Siddique

Emergence of Coalition Politics: In Contest of Party Politics in India.


Anupam Rawat

fo'o'kkafr dh LFkkiuk esa la;qDr jk"V la?k dk ;ksxnku (,d fo'ys"k.kkRed ,oa vkykspukRed v/;;u)


Anjali C.Vyas

vgenkckn ds Lukrd iwoZ Nk=ksa esa jktuhfrd tkx:drk (,d vkykspukRed v/;;u)



dkfeZd ra=% iz'kklu dh thou 'kfDr % fQjkstkckn ds dkWp m|ksx dk v/;;u


Number of Ph.D. Supervised


Membership of Academic Societies

Life member of All India Political Science Association
Life Member of UP Political Science Association



1-       jktuhfr 'kkL= ch-,- izFke o"kZ vrqy izdk'ku vkxjk] 2002

2       jktuhfr 'kkL= ch-,- f}rh; o"kZ vrqy izdk'ku vkxjk] 2002

Articles Published in Journals and conference Proceedings:

1- Hkkjr esa yksd ys[kk ijh{k.k dk izFkDdj.k &,d fo'ys"k.kkRed v/;;u yksdra= leh{kk] ubZ fnYyh] tqykbZ&fnlEcj 1980 i`"B 495&499

2-       izkphu jkT; O;oLFkk & orZeku ifjos'k esa ] ijke'kZ fgUnh iq.ks fo'ofo|ky;] [k.M ,d] vad 1992 i`"B 41&54

3-       iqfyl ra= leL;kvksa ds ?ksjs esa & Jharkhand Research Journal, Vol. 2, Sr. 2, Dec. 2004, PP 65-69

4-       jkeeuksgj yksfg;k vkSj xka/kh th ds O;fDrRo dh rqyuk & ,d ;FkkFkZoknh v/;;u, The Journal of Meerut University Alumni. Vol. 6, 2005 PP 125-128.

5-       jkeuksgj yksfg;k dk lektokn&,d fogaxe n`f"V , The Journal of Meerut Univesity, History Alumni, Vol. 8, 2006 PP 161-164

6-       iafMr xksfoUn cYyHk iar&;qok ih<+ ds iszj.kk Jksr] ;qx ;qxhu Hkkjrh; O;fDrRo] Hkkx&1] jkeiqjgkV ohj Hkwfe if'peh caxky 2006 i`"B 35&41

7-       The Role of Mrs. Beasant and Tilak's Home Rule Movement in Freedom Struggle of India-1914-1919. Proceedings of Indian Hisory Congress Bareilly, 2004 PP 1224-1225.

8-      Hkkjr ds uofuekZ.k esa Lokeh foosdkuUn ds fopkjksa dh Hkwfedk ] The Journal of Meerut University Alumni. Vol.11, Vol., Sr. 6, 2008. PP. 72 76.

Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

1. National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indian Political Culture & Social Change- Held at Agra, March 1986

2. The Concept of State in Ancient India 46th All Indian Political Science Conference held at Aligarh, Dec. 1987

3.  Convention of U.P., Political Science Association held at Agra, Oct. 1988

4. March of Communism to Socialism, 47th All India Political Science Conference held at Ujjain Dec. 1990.

5. Ambedkar and the Modernisation in India, 48th All India Political Science Conference held at Berhampur Jun. 1993

6. Coalition Politics in India - A Case Study of Haryana, 53rd All India Political Science Conference held at Jaipur Dec. 2006

7. Effect of Globalization on Rural Development in India: An assessment, UGC Sponsored Seminar on Millennium Development Goals, S.R.K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad (U.P.), Feb. 2009

Co-Curricular Work & Certificates   

(1) NSS Orientation Course, DBRA University Agra, December 2003


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