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Dr. S.K. Verma      (Head)





Associate Professor in Economics




Present Pay Scale


37400 – 67000 Rs.




Address for Correspondence


3, Narain College Campus, Agra gate,
Shikohabad (Firozabad) U.P.



                                    Phone No. – +915676-235497, Mob No.- +919412168560




Date of Birth


15th April,1967




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.A. (Economics), Ph.D. (Economics)

Area of Interest


Rural Development, Agricultural Economics and Globalization




Date of Joining the Institution


15th October 1996

Teaching and Research Experience


More than 13 years in  U.G.& P.G. Level




Short Term Course Attended


Orientation Programme:

ASC, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Sept. 2000

Refresher Programme:

ASC, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi., March 2003

ASC, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, March 2005

Professional Activities


Member of Expert Committee affiliation to New Colleges of Dr. B.R.A University. Agra (U.P.)

Subject Expert in Selection Committee of Teachers of Dr. B.R.A University. Agra (U.P.)

Membership of Acedemic Societies


Life membership of Bhartiya Arthik Shodh Sansthan

Life membership of U.P. Economic Association.

Details of Ph.D. Supervising


Name of Research Scholar



Ajay Kumar Yadav

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Neeraj Singh

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Seema Sapria

Foreign Direct Investment in India : Trends Imports and Issues


Neha Sharma

Globalization & Its impact on Capital Formation in Agriculture Sector of Indian Economy


Km. Sandhya

Critical Evaluation of Strategy of Urban Poverty Alleviation Programmes in U.P.: A Case Study of District Firozabad


Rakhi Sharma

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Ambika Prasad

fpfdRlk ds {ks= esa futh    fofu;ksx  dk fo’ys”k.kkRed v/;;u (19991 & 2008) dkuiqj eaMy
i National Fellowship for SC Candidates from 2005-2006 onwards

Number of Ph.D. Supervised


M. Phil Dissertations Supervised


P.G. Dissertations supervised



1.History of Economic Thought, Radha Publication, New Delhi

2. International Economics, Radha Publication, New Delhi

Papers Published in Journals / Conference Proceedings

1.‘Paper-Growth of Indian Agriculture Under  the WTO Regime’, In International Seminar on WTO and its Impact on Agriculture Trade,  Organised by Green Cross Society, Agra. (U.P.) 

2.Vaishvik Mandi Evem Bharat Sarkar Ki Neetiya, Anusandhanika, Yogeshwar Krishn Shiksha Samit,

Shikohabad (U.P.) .Reg. No. 1151/ 2008-09

3.Sustainable Development, Poverty and Employment A Review of Inter- relationships (A Journal of Asia for

Democracy and Development The Council for Peace Development and Cultural Unity, Morena (U.P.),  RNI. No.MPBill/2001/7690 and ISSN 0973-3833)

Papers Published in Edited Books:

  1. ‘Jawahar Rojgar Yojna, Doubts and Weaknesses’, ed. National Employment Programmes in India, S.P. Agnihotri, Chugh Publications Allahabad – India.

  2. ‘Air Pollution – Problems and Opportunities’, ed. Environmental Pollution Consequences and Measures, B.P. Chaurasia, Chugh Publications Allahabad – India.

  3. ‘Evaluation of Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) Scheme: A Case Study of District Etawah’, ed. Women’s Status in India (Policies an Programmes),  B.P. Chaurasia, Chugh Publications Allahabad – India.

  4. ‘Stone Cancer, Environmental Pollution’, ed. Perception and Awareness, B.P. Chaurasia, Chugh Publications Allahabad – India.

  5. ‘Status of Females in India’, ed. Women’s Status in India (Policies and Programmes), B.P. Chaurasia, Chugh Publications Allahabad – India.

  6. ‘Deposit Mobilsation Efforts of EKGB’, ed. Rural Development in India, Dr. R.K. Verma, Radha Publications, New Delhi.

  7. ‘Review of (TRYSEM) National Scheme of Training Rural Youth for Self Employment in District Etawah’, ed. Rural Development in India, Dr. R.K. Verma, Radha Publications, New Delhi.

  8. ‘An Overview of Growth of Rural Credit Institutions in India’, ed. Rural Development in India, Dr. R.K. Verma, Radha Publications, New Delhi.

Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

1.Growth of Indian Agriculture, Under the WTO Regime WTO and its Impact On Agricultural Trade. Organised

by Green Cross Society, Feb. 2009, Agra (U.P.)

2Rural -Urban Migration In District, Firozabad Rural Development Perspective Socio-     Culture Ramification Organised by Manthan Foundation, Agra (U.P.),  27 Feb. 2007 

3. Globalization of Higher Education and its Quality Improvement by Using IT. Quality Concern in Higher Education & Strategies for Improvement D.D.Mahila P.G.College,  Firozabad, Jan 2007.)

4. Fiscal Federalism: A Study of Municipal Finance of Uttar Pradesh Decentralized Governance and Development –Promises, Performance and Prospects, Department of Economics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi,March 2005

5. Ganga Action Plan, U.G.C. Sponsored on Economics of Waste Management in the Indian   Economy with reference to the tenth Plan Department of    Economics, Pt. J.L.N. P.G. College, Banda,,Nov., 2004

6. Vaishvik Mandi Evem Bharat Sarkar Ki Nitiyan. Global Recession and Indian Economy, S.V. College, Aligarh,      Feb. 2009

7. Role of Micro Finance in Rural Development U.G.C.Sponsored C.R.O.Bhopal Micro Credit as a Means to Eradicate Poverty, Dept. of Economics, J.C.M.G.P.G. College, Gwalior M.P. Feb 2009

8. The Growth and Composition of India’s Foreign Trade The Indian Economic Association (Seventy Second Annual Conference, Trivandrum,1989

9. Bharat main Mahilaoun ki Sthiti, U.G.C.Sponsored C.R.O.Bhopal Mahila Sambandhi Vidhano ka Samajik Prabhav : Sthiti va Chunautiyan Dept. of Sociology, J.C.M.G.P.G. College,  Gwalior (M.P.) Feb. 2009 

10. Role of Education in Promoting Gender Equality .G.C. Sponsored Millennium Development Goals, Feb. 2009, Dept. of Sociology, S.R.K.( P.G.) College, Firozabad.

11. Sustainable Development: Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation. U .G.C. Sponsored Millennium Development Goals, Dept. of Sociology, S.R.K.( P.G.) College, Firozabad. (U.P.), Feb. 2009.

12. Jaiv - Urvark Ki Bhartiya Krishi Ke  Sandharbh Main Sarthakata,11th Rastriya Krishi Vigyan Sangoshthi  on Satrangi Kranti hetu Krishi evam Pashupalan ki Samekit Pranali, Bharatiya Krishi Anusandhan Samiti, Karnal and Bhartiya Krishi  Anusandhan Sansthan, New Delhi, April 2009.

13. Sustainable Development: Economic, Social and Ecological Dimensions. Water, Environment, Energy and Society, Dept. of Sociology, S.R.K.( P.G.) College, Firozabad, June, 2009

Co-Curricular Work & Certificates    

Orientation Course on NSS, Dept. of Social Work, University of Delhi, Delhi. Dec, 2003,Dr.B.R.A.University, Agra (U.P)

Worked as NSS Programme Officer, S.R.K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad.

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