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Dr. Shahrayar Ali (Head & Proctor)





Sr. Assistant Professor in History




Present Pay Scale


15600 – 39100 Rs.




Address for Correspondence


Near Latif Medical Store Nagla Bari Sailai Road,



Kashmiri Gate, Firozabad (U.P.) - 283203



Email : Shehreyarali@ymail.com



Mob.no . +919412316798, +919410422146




Date of Birth


17th  August, 1971




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


B.A. (Hons.), M.A., Ph.D. (History)


Area of Interest


Medieval Indian History


Academic Certificates



UGC – NET qualified with JRF held in
Junior research fellowship of Indian Council of Historical Research 2000.




Date of Joining the Institution


15th September 2000


Teaching and Research Experience


More than 9 years in  U.G.& P.G. Level


Short Term Course Attended


Orientation Programme:
ASC, Aligarh Muslim University, February 2002

Refresher Programme:
ASC, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi, Oct. 2008.

ASC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi,    April 2009

Workshop in October 2007 organized by  Dept of History BHU Sponsored by Indian Council of Historical Research Topic: Age of Akbar  




Details of Ph.D. Supervising


Name of Research Scholar

Name of the Topic


Brajesh Kumar

1857 bZ- dk foIyo ,oa ns'kh fj;klrs%a ,sfrgkfld iquZv/;;u


Mohd. Azam

ns'koU/kq fpjatu nkl ,oa Lok/khurk laxzke ,d ,sfrgkfld iqu% v/;;u


Desh Raj Verama

iwoZ e/;dkyhu mRrj Hkkjr& ,d lkekftd ,oa vkfFkZd iqu% v/;;u ¼1030 bZ- ls 1194 bZ-½


Hitlm Singh

eqxydkyhu ijxuk vkesj ,oa xzkeh.k vFkZ O;oLFkk ,d ,sfrgkfld v/;;u


Km. Ranjana

Uxjhdj.k dh izzfdzz;k ,oa mTt;uh% ,sfrgkfld iquZv/;;u


Km. Renu

eqxy jkBkSj lcU/k ,oa egkjktk tloar flag ,d ,sfrgkfld iqufo'ys"k.k


Sanjeev Kumar

tks/kiqj jkT; egkjktk vthr flag ,oa eqxy lEcU/k ,d ,ssfrgkfld iqufo'ys"k.k


Shranwan Kumar

vkSjaxtsc dh foQyrk esa iz'kkld oxZ dh Hkwfedk ,d ,sfrgkfld iquZv/;;u


No. of PG Dissertation Supervised



Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

1. Calendar of Selected Chthies, U.P. History Congress 2007

2.‘Use of Archival Materials for Re-construction of Mughal History’, 20th Conference Of The Historian Of Asia,    J.N.U., Delhi, November.2008.

3.Question of Women Empowerment and Muslim Societies, Millennium Development Goal, UGC Sponsored National   Conference, S.R.K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad. Feb. 2009.

4. Development of Arab Historiography with Reference to Ibn – L – Khaldoon, April, 2009, Jamia Millia Islamia,     NewDelhi.


Co-Curricular Activity

N.S.S Programme Officer of the College Unit

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