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Dr. Ugrasen Pandey





Sr. Assistant Professor




Present Pay Scale






Address for Correspondence


Dept. of Sociology



S. R. K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad  (U.P.-283203)



Mob. No. 09412562191
Email : us_pandey123@rediffmail.com

Date of Birth


07th May., 1959




Marital Status






Academic Qualification


M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt., LL.B., B.Ed


Area of Interest


Social Policy and Rural Development




Academic Certificates


UGC – NET  Qualified.
Fellowship-ICSSR General Fellowship (Post Doctoral)

Date of Joining the Institution


30th August 2001


Teaching and Research Experience


More than 8 years in U.G. & P.G. Level




Short Term Course Attended


1.“World Bank e-learning 18 Oct. to 28 Nov. 2006 Gender, Health and Poverty”

2.World Bank e-learning” Introduction to Education Statistics and Indicators”

3.World Bank Core Course on Pension, Wasington DC U.S.A., 5-16 Nov. 2007.

Orientation Courses:

1.UGC Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim University, Orientation 15.03.05 to 14.04.05.


Professional Experience


As Co-coordinator NAAC  - 2 years

As Co-coordinator IQAC-   3 years

Details of Ph.D. Supervising

Sl. Name of Research Scholar          Name of the Topic

1.   Chhaya Verma                      xzkeh.k lekt esa f'kf{kr efgykvksa esa vk/kqfudhdj.k dh izfØ;k dk lekt'kkL=h; v/;;u

2.   Sukhvir Singh                         dkedkth efgykvksa esa Hkwfedk la?k"kZ rFkk lek;kstu dk lekt'kkL=h; fo'ys"k.k

3.   Chaya Sharma                       efgyk Lo;a lgk;rk lewgksa dk lekt'kkL=h; v/;;u

4.   Laxmi                                    xzkeh.k usr`Ro ds mHkjrs izfrekuksa dk lekt'kkL=h; fo'ys"k.k

5.   Sunita                                    lkekftd mRFkku esa iqfyl dh Hkwfedk dk lekt'kkL=h; v/;;u

6.   Hariom                                     The Impact of Modern Communication Technology for Social and
                                                      Economic Benefits of Village India

P.G. Dissertations


Membership of Academic Societies

§International Sociological Association

§Indian Sociological Society

§U.P. Sociological Society


Grants from International and National Organizations.

1. UGC Travel Grant for IIS World Congress 2004.

2. Organising Committee 37th IIS World Congress 2005.

3. Organising Committee XVIth ISA World Congress 2006.

4. Organising Committee 4th Rural Network Conference 2005.

5. For Facilitate Face to Face training, ITC 120 Turin Italy.

6. Life Long E-learning by ILO, Turin Italy.

7. For Main Stream Disabilities Equality in the world of the works by ILO, Turin Italy.


Academic Achievements at International / national Level:

§As Organizing Secretary-

1.UGC Sponsored National Conference on Millennium Development

Goals 14-15 Feb., 2009. S.R.K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad.

2. SRK ISA RC24 International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and Society from 28-30 June, 2009. S.R.K. (P.G.) College, Firozabad.

As Paper Presenter –

1. 36th IIS World Congress- 7-11 July 2004 Beijing, “Changing in Indian Society in the age of Globalization”.

2. ESF Research Conference12-16 May 2007 Vadstena Sweedan.

3. 8th International Congress 19-23 Aug. 2007, Colombo.

4. 1ISAForum of sociology Barcelona Spain 5-8 September,2008

    ISA Forum of Sociology, 5-8 September, 2008, Barcelona, Spain.

    (A) Gender in equality in India.

    (B) Pollution of Small Scale Glass Industry in Firozabad.

5. As Key Note Speaker, National Seminar on Challenges of Women Empowerment in India, 23-24 January 2009, Indore, M. P.

6. A Chair Person and Paper Presenter- XXXIV All India, Sociological Conference, 27-29 December, 2005, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

7.  37th IIS world Congress  Stockholm 5-9 July 2006

(a) Rural Development and Change in the Globalising world.

(b) Rural Development and Change in the Globalising world.

Research Papers Presented in National / International Conferences & Seminars

1. Dr. D.N. Majumdar Centennial International Conference International 28 Feb to 2 March 2003, Lucknow, “Tribal Social Structure and Change”     

2. Seminar on Sociology for New Millennium 22-23  Feb. 2002 Rewa, “Emerging patterns of Rural Leaderships”

3. XXXIII All Indian Sociological Conference, 18-20 Dec. 2002 Kanpur, “Changes in Indian Society in the age of Globalization”

4. XXIII All Indian Conferencial ISSA 12-14 Jan. 2003 Manglore, “Globalization, Economic Development and Social Change” 

5. Seminar on Role of Information Technology in Rural Development 6-7 April 2002 Agra, “Information Technology and Rural Development”

6. Seminar on Women's Empowerment National 8-9 March 2003 Jabalpur, “Shiksha Avam Mahila Shashkti- Karan"                               

7. 29 U.P. Sociological Conference National 8-10 Feb. 02 Lucknow, “Women's Movement”        

8. Seminar on Corruption, Bad Governance and vows of people of ISSA National 18-19 Sept. 2003 Agra, “Sarvajanik Jeevan Men Bhrashtachar Avm Pangu Prashan”

9. Seminar on Impact of Communication  on rural dev. National 9-10 March 2002 Agra, “Communication and Rural Development”

10. 29 all India Sociological Conference National 21-23 Dec. 2003 Udaipur, “Panchayati Raj Recent Redevelopment”                 

11. XXIV All India Confer of Indian Rural Science Association National 23-24 Jan. 2004 Sagar, “Socio-Economic aspects of Liberalization in context of India”   

12. Seminar on Indian Society in 21 Century: Changes, Responses National 12-14 June 2003 Mysore, “Gender Issues in Indian Rural Sowely”

13. 20th U.P. Sociological Conference  National 17-19July 2003 AMU Aligarh, “Child labour and Law”    

14. National Seminar on migration National 3-4 April 2004 Agra, “Urban Problem and difficulties in contest of Rural Urban Migration”      

15. National Seminar on FUTURISTIC Vision of Social Science National 9-12 Oct. 2004 Agra, “Perspectives and trends of sociology in India Proposed”

16. National Seminar on Communism in India National 13-14 Oct.
2004 Moradabad, “Bharat men Sampradaykta ewam Alpsankhyak Samudai"

17. First National Seminar on Abuse of elderly National 29-30 Nov. 2004 Thiru Anantpuram, “Neglect and Violation of elder person in India”

18. 30 All India Sociological Conference National 27-29 Dec. 2004 Gorakhpur, “Role of District Development Agency (DRDA) In Indian Rural Development”

19. 28 Indian Social Science Congress    National 16-20 Jan. 2005 Gandhigram, “Civilization and Modernization in Context of India".

20. 31 All India Sociological Conference, Jammu, 25-27Oct. 2005.

21. Environmental Pollution, D.D.M. Firozabad, “Environment Pollution and Human Health”, 20 Nov. 2005.

Political Corruption, N.D. College Shikohabad, “Culture of corruption in the Indian Democracy” 11-12 Dec. 2005.

22. Media Exploitation of women, N.A.S. College, Meerut, “Media Exploitation of women in India, 23-24 Sept. 2006.

23. Conference on Women's Study and Research, Vanasthali, 28-30 Nov. 2006.

24. Conference on E-govworld2007, New Delhi 29-30 No. 2007.

Interviews by International Bodies:

1. Video conferencing by Elizabeth, Director World Bank, 1 Dec., 2008.



1. Selected as finalist for UNEP Indorsed Livcom Environmentally Sustainable Project Awards 2007.

2. Selected as finalist for UNEP Indorsed Livcom Bursary Award 2007

3. Life Time Achievement Award, IIEM New Delhi

 Work experience with other Agencies

1. As Group Leader Indus Child Labour Project Firozabad.

2. As Member in Selection Committee of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan, Govt. of India, Firozabad, 2007.

3. As Member in selection Committee of National Service Worker, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan, Govt. of India, Firozabad, 2008.

4. As Organizing Secretary, Seminar on National Integration, Yuva Kalyan Mantralaya, U. P., Govt. Lucknow, 2009.

5.  As Member in Panchayat Yuva Krida And Khel Abhiyan, Govt. of India, Firozabad, 2008.

6. As Member in Committee for “Rastra Nirmana Aur Samajik Karykramo me Yuvao Ka Yogdan, Yuva Mantralaya, Govt. of U. P., Lucknow.

7. Trainer, “Yuva Netritva Prashikshan Shivir”, 2008, Yuva Mantralaya, Govt. of U. P., 2008.

8. Community Coordinator, International AIDS.


Research Paper Published-

1. “Changes in Indian Society in the Globalising age” Social Stratification and Mobility in Asia, July 2004, Page 272.

2. University of Cambridge- Energy Environment and Water Resource, EE-2009.

3. U. S. Pandey (2002), Women’s Movement, Social Studies, June. 2002.

4. U. S. Pandey (2003), Women Workers in Unorganized Sector, Worker’s Quarterly journal, June 2003.

5. U. S. Pandey (2003), Movement for Indian Woman’s Status in society, Worker’s education Quarterly Journal, Sept. 2003.

6. U. S. Pandey(2005), Transfer of modern technology to the Rural settings Osmania University Hyderabad, 2005


Co-Curricular Work & Certificates    

1. NSS Orientation Course, Training Orientation and Research Centre NSS, University of Delhi, 25.10.06 to 3.11.06.

2. NAAC Workshop, R.B.S. College, Agra, 3, March 2006.  

3. Group Leader of UNICEF Child Labour Project Firozabad (U.P.) India.

4. Group Leader of INDUS Child Labour Project Firozabad (U.P.) India


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